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I love this site by the way. It is very well run! All the other sites are full of spammers.



Worth the wait. To any guy out there that has not met a woman from this site yet…just wait.. i was on here for about 2 months before i even had enough balls to email a woman( im a little shy) but i finally reached down and found my balls. what a great experience we had the best sex ever..we couldnt even wait to get a room. i love your site and all its beautiful women



Hot in Nashville. I flew into Nashville and met this girl after 4 emails. We were at the bar in a hotel and I had not booked a room yet. We had two drinks and she was feeling my dick under the table and I reached over and her pussy was so wet I started to finger her. She pulled my arm away and led me into the womens bathroom. She made me sit on comode and jumped on top of me and started to fuck like rabbits. I went to the front counter and rented a room and we got in the jauzzi and I put her on the side and started to suck that clit and tongue her. What a night, thanks for the hot women. Four Sat. in a Row!!!



WOW, what a time I had with one of the women I met on the system, it was in vegas on a recent business trip, she met me at my hotel room, came in and imediately took my pants off, grabed my cock and began to give me the best bj I have ever had then I went down on her and we went at it for hours. we didn’t get out of bed for two days, just fucked and sucked all the time.

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Could not be happier that I joined your site, had the best sex ever. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined getting it on with 2 women at the same time. We fucked and they sucked, it was so hot!



Within a week of posting on this site I was meeting a hot woman at a motel near her home. As soon as we met I lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around me and I carried her to the bed. In no time I had her panties off and was going down on the nicest pussy I have tasted in a very long time. She lost count the number of times she came that afternoon, but it was at least 10 times. After a long oral session she came so hard and completely that her pussy was twitching minutes afterwards. I just kept licking her until the final tremors died away. An unbelievable introduction to this site! Thank you! Another satisfied customer,



My first encounter with a lady was through you and it was last week. She was Stunning and we had a great time just talking and laughing. She was enjoying herself and we decided to go somewhere more quiet. I told her about the view at my place of the Hollywood Hills and she wanted to check it out. When we got in the door we immediately started kissing passionately. She could feel my oversized tool straining in my jeans and was quick to unbutton them. We broke our kiss just long enough for her to tell me to be careful because she had never had a man of my size before. Finally we made it to the bedroom half dressed. She reminded me again to be gentle. It was a tight fit though she was soaking wet. Soon she loosened up and we spent the rest of the night and next morning making passionate love and then wild Fucking!