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I just ordered my webcam. Thanks Nichole for the webcam idea! You take such good care of us! I have always wanted to be a video-chat Hostess and now, I will have my chance to do so! Whoo-Hoo!!



Love this site! This is a GREAT site – thanks! I’ve been on only about a week, had awesome experiences with real gentlemen, and am a COMPLETELY satified customer! Congratulations for giving us a way to get exactly what we want.



me too… I have met some terrific men, and am looking forward to meeting a new man this Friday in Dayton, and a another man next week in the Chicago area. Almost all of the men I have met so far, have been repeaters, they want more, more and more. You know ladies, can‘t have just one! Smiles from ear to ear!



I enjoy dating the men I met here. They are funny, warm, witty, and do acknowledge a good thing with the up most respect. I am looking forward to each month with excitement. My weekends the kids are away have been a blast. Being able to express and share the sensual side of me, helps to keep me feeling young and vibrant. These last 2 yrs, I have learned to choose better men, enjoy quality dating, and feel at easy expressing my needs, fantasies and desires. Thank you SexAffair & staff for this great site.



1st Time. I went out of town this weekend and met*********** Friday night and ****** Sunday afternoon – WOW – I hadn‘t had sex in over 4 years and i‘m so sore I can barely walk. THIS SITE IS GREAT!!!



just wanted to let you know I think this site is the greatest. I have met a few very nic men here and one very special one. we are now together for almost 2 years. If it wasn‘t for this site we probably never would have met as he came to me from almost 3000 miles away. Thank you so very very much.



Nichole, It was AWESOME! My first black cock was everthing I hoped it would be. Thanks so much for your support and concern. You are a special Lady!



Hi Nichole. I love the site, and love you for being so kind.



i just wanted to say that i can‘t wait to turn on my computer and see if i have any mail. and i think your brillant for coming up with the women forum. what a great place for women to bond! thank you!



I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for providing a safe and discreet place for us married ladies to hook up with some fine studs! I have gotten laid more after joining this sight than I ever have before. Thank you so much!



I love your site. The men seem very genuine and honest! I can cut through the chase fast and get down them. xoxo



This site is wonderful 🙂 and it does work….



Thanks for the website. it is really nice to have this type of website to make meeting new people easy. thank you



Feeling good. I met this guy and he came to visit. We got a room and he brought me flowers & wine. The sex was terrific and for the first time in a a very long time I had multiple orgasams and it felt really good. We made plans to see each other again.